Business Card Design Price & Plan

Silver $45 ~65
Simple logo
2 different concepts
3 times revision
72 hours turnaround time
Copyright files
Money back guarantee
$ $45 ~65
Gold $65~85
Illustration logo
3 different concepts
3 times revision
48~72 hours turnaround time
Copyright files
Money back guarantee
$ $65~85
Platinum $86 ~105
logo + business card
3 different concepts
5 times revision
48 hours turnaround time
Copyright files
Money back guarantee
$ $86 ~105
Platinum pro $106~125
logo +business card +flyer
3 different concepts
Unlimited revision revision
48 hours turnaround time
Copyright files
Money back guarantee
$ $106~125

“Love my new logo you guys rock thanks again”

Ashley Jackson

The Logoz Shop took care of my business logo needs. They were fast, friendly, and patient with me. They took their time with me because I been so busy I wasn’t able to reply back fast enough but they were understanding and got me a great logo. They listen to you and give 100% good customer service. I highly recommend this shop.

Shaniya Watson

“Great work. Delivered just what I wanted in a timely manner. So excited about my logo. Thank you once again”



I recommend The Logz Shop for logos/business cards/Flyers…or any type of idea
your name please give it a try…you will not be disappointed

Holley Davis

Business Card Design

The Logoz Shop has been offering its customers the best business card designs. We are making sure that our clients must get a unique way of presenting their company or business. In this regard, we are making sure that all the modern facilities and trends should be conveyed to clients. With us, you will get several options regarding business card designs, as we have a team of expert designers to come up with genuine and convincing ideas. For the making of highly effective and top-quality business cards, we have been relying on modern technology for production. We have been making business cards with great precision, our cards have unmatched quality, and this credit goes to our quality assurance team.

Making of Effective Business Cards Design Sample

The Logo Shop has been offering its customers complete guidance related to business card designs and  custom logo design services. Those who are looking to have their business grow and get more reach must get our facility of business card design package. Let’s discuss the top qualities of our team.


  • We will make sure that all the information related to your business must be communicated most affirmatively.
  • We have been giving special attention to each of the information related to your business.
  • We take every new project as a challenging assignment and try to deliver our best that fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We are offering the best logo and business card designs prices depending upon the quality and looks of business cards.
  • We are experts in optimizing the design and cost of business cards, and that is what makes us distinguished from other service providers.
  • Our services are easy to avail.
  • Our business cards designs are custom-made according to the type of business.
  • We work with a creative team to assure your business card design is the best.
  • We do not charge any hidden fees.
  • Our business card designs are internationally recognized.


Designing Business Cards in a Special Way

The Logo Shop has been offering its customers the facility of a custom business card design package. By availing of our facility, brands have more access to customization and can make changes as per their needs and desires. In this regard, we are offering all the possible facilities. From the making of cards in special shapes other than rectangular, and printing of these cards with special colors and materials. Along with providing our customers with special custom options, the business card design cost is also a prime concern for us. Best deals for the making of business cards

Brands have been looking for smart options for business card designs, therefore we are offering special choices in this regard. Depending upon the type of business, we try to come up with a novel design that best describes the company’s business. By going with these advanced options, brands will be in a position to have added sales and promotion of their products or services. That is why we have been offering our customers with special business card design package. So whether you are running a pizza outlet, or having a software house, or have been dealing with any kind of service, we have the best and attractive business card for you.

Business Card Design Cost

With the use of modern facilities, the price for the business card may rise, however, we have been working to bring the business card design cost down. That has become possible only with the use of advanced manufacturing setup, as we are employing modern machines for making cards. With this, not only the price has been reduced but also the quality of cards has increased a lot. Business card design cost has always been a concern for companies, therefore we are putting extra attention in this regard. In delivering cost-effective solutions, we are providing our customers with several options related to materials. So depending upon your budget, you can still have a stylish card for your business.

Business card design prices may be increased owing to the use of modern printing facilities. Printing of business cards in multicolor or having a special limitation layer may add up to value. The Logo Shop has been making sure to cut the cost of production for highly effective printed business cards. We are trying to come up with the best business card design price even for the cards printed specially and have an extra protective layer.

Those customers who have been looking for a business card can avail the facility of our business card design sample. We understand that there is a need for modifications and changes, therefore we are offering the feature of sample cards to our customers. With this feature, it will be a lot easier for the customer to amend in design or color scheme. Business card design sample has been proving a great feature, and we are delighted to offer this facility.  The Logo Shop has been the best place to get a business card design sample for having a real-world experience, and to get organic feedback.  We are also offering this facility for name card designs.


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